Terms & Condition

1. Accountant must reach before 10 min of scheduled visit

2. Before starting work kindly check work done by other accountant, understand the work, data

3. Please behave in manner with clients

4. Be polite with clients and other team member at client premises

5. Don’t waste your time by using mobile phone

6. Avoid answering call during visit

7. During visit don’t go any other place

8. Client data is confidential, don’t misuse it

9. Before leaving premises make sure all data given to you is well punched in file if you have remove it from file, keep it in proper place

10. Don’t leave loose paper on desk

11. Before leaving inform client to confirm and accept the work done by you

12. Get payment confirmation from client

13. After payment from client, accountant will get payment within 24 hours

14. Approval from client is mandatory for your work

15.The Platform is solely for your commercial use and is intended for use only within India

16.Once accepted don’t cancel appointment

17.If appointment cancelled by accountant charges will be applicable @ 200/- per cancellation

18.3 cancellations in a month accountant will be suspended for 30 days


To avail the Services and provide the Pto Services through the Platform, you will be required to create an account on the Platform (“Account”).In addition to setting up an username and password for your Account, you will be required to furnish certain details and documents; including but not limited to your name, phone number, address, age, valid government issued identification, trade licenses, and government approvals that permit you to offer Pro Services under applicable law. To create an Account, you must be at least 18 (Eighteen) years of age.

You warrant that all information furnished In connection with your Account is and shall remain accurate and true. You agree to promptly update your details on the Platform in the event of any change to or modification of this information.

You agree that c2a, through third parties, may undertake your background verification, at your sole cost, to fulfill due diligence and safety obligations prior to the approval of our Account on the Platform, activating your account to the Services, and permitting you to provide Pro Services through the Services. In addition, c2a, through third parties may, at its sole discretion, at your sole cost, undertake such background Verification from time to time thereafter. if you are registered on the Platform prior to the completion of the background Verification, your registration on the Platform shall be contingent on your background verification report meeting c2a’s standards (as c2a may determine in accordance with applicable laws and its internal policies).You agree that your ability to use the Services and offer Pro services through the Platform shall at all times be subject to your background verification reporting meeting c2a’s standards. For the avoidance of doubt, c2a takes commercial reasonable efforts to undertake background verifications of Service Professionals and is not responsible or Liable for ensuring the safety, security, or welfare of the Services Professionals or the Customers

(d) You may only own, operate, and possess one Account. If C2A discovers or determines that you possess more than one Account, It will have the right to revoke, without notice, your access to the Platform and the Services.

(e) You are solely responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your password and agree to immediately notify us of any disclosure or unauthorized use of your Account or any other breach of security with respect to your Account. You further agree that no person other than yourself has the right to access your Account and you will not share your login credentials with any other person. If C2A reasonably determines that you have shared your login credentials with another person or allowed another person to access and use your Account, it may suspend or terminate your access and use or the Services without notice to you.

(f) If you are liable and accountable for all activities that take place through your Account. WE shall not be liable for any unauthorized access to your Account.

(g) You agree to receive communications from us regarding
(i) Information about us and the Services,
(ii) Promotional offers and services from us and our third party partners, and
(iii) Any other matter In relation to the Services.