Accounting course

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We delve into the basic Accounitng Course essential for beginners. We begin by exploring how to initiate your accounting work, followed by the crucial step of identifying the business type or structure of your client’s business. Lastly, we discuss the significance of understanding the accounting method preferred by the client to ensure comfort and accuracy in financial management.

By attending C2A courses, you unlock the opportunity to earn through the C2A partner app. Join our community of dedicated learners and embark on a journey towards accounting excellence with C2A.


  • Practical Solutions to Real Challenges: – Elevate your accounting skills with Count2Account’s (C2A) course, where we focus on real-world challenges faced by accountants. Our curriculum provides practical solutions, ensuring you’re equipped to tackle the complexities of professional accounting
  • Expert-Led Learning: – Learn from industry experts who bring extensive experience to the table. Our courses are led by professionals who understand the dynamic landscape of accounting, providing you with valuable insights and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Flexible Online Learning Experience: – Access our courses anytime, anywhere. The flexibility of online learning allows you to progress at your own pace, fitting education seamlessly into your schedule. Join a community of learners dedicated to mastering the art of accounting with C2A.attending C2A courses, you unlock the opportunity to earn through the C2A partner app


We are Cover Following Topics In This Accounting Course :

  1. Accounting Fundamentals
  2. Capital Effect In Partnership & LLP
  3. Effect Of Drawing & Capital in Proprietorship
  4. Capital Effects in Private Limited Company
  5. How to Pass OD Statements Entry
  6. Effects of Bank Statements
  7. How to Pass Year End Entries
  8. Industry Wise Accounting
  9. When to Pass Journal Entries
  10. How To Read Bank Statements
  11. GST Effect in Accounting
  12. 26AS Effects in Accounting
  13. How to maintain Duties & Taxes Ledger
  14. How to Pass Sales Entry
  15. How & When to Pass Cash Entry
  16. How to Pass Purchase Entry
  17. Sales & Debtors Reconciliation
  18. Loan Statement Entry
  19. Purchase & Creditors Reconciliation
  20. How to Pass Depreciation Entry
  21. Bank Reconciliation
  22. Group of Profit & Loss Account



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